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MP3x Screenshots

MP3x is an graphical frame analyzer for both MP3 and unencoded audio files. It displays frame header information, original and decoded pcm data, MDCT spectrum, distortion, allowable distortion and other psycho-acoustic information. MP3x is distributed with the LAME source code - see the file INSTALL for information about compiling MP3x.

The following screenshots are from MP3x analyzing the file castanets.wav, or in the case of the FhG encoder and Mpecker, the frame analyzer was run directly on the castanets.mp3 file produced by these encoders.

Castanets.wav using GPSYCHO (LAME 3.10)

Castanets.mp3 from FhG MP3Encoder

Castanets.wav using ISO psy-model

Castanets.wav using MPECKER